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National Treasure

World Heritage

Kanto Area

– 関東 –

Meiji Jingu – 明治神宮

The best place to feel the sacred atmosphere of the Japanese historical shrine in Tokyo.

Meiji Jingu is one of the Shinto shrines in Japan, with a vast land of forest (70 ha.), located in the middle of the megacity, Tokyo. Once you step into this precinct, you will forget that you are in the hustle and bustle city, and will find a Japanese traditional scene amidst greenery nature.

Asakusa Kannon Senso-ji – 浅草寺

The oldest prestigious temple in Tokyo.

It’s also very popular with foreign visitors. Tourists can enjoy Japanese temples, because of the largeness of the temple’s garden, and the large number of structures. The illuminated temple at night is beautiful.

Toukai Area

– 東海 –

Nagoya Castle – 名古屋城

One of the best modern castles. Most of the part is burned up by World WarⅡ, but the gorgeous main palace that was restored in 2018 is worth seeing.

※ The main castle tower was restored by reinforced concrete, but the plan for wooden restoration is currently under consideration.

Tokugawa Art Museum and Tokugawa-en – 徳川美術館 & 徳川園

Exhibition of the greatest handcrafted works such as arms, paintings, and sculptures in the Edo period.

Tokugawa Art Museum is a wonderful museum that preserves the greatest handcrafted works such as swords, arms, paintings, and sculptures in good condition, from the Edo period that is mainly owned by Ieyasu Tokugawa (The first tycoon of the Edo period).

Inuyama Castle – 犬山城

One of the 12 remaining castle towers and designated as a National Treasure.

Inuyama Castle is registered as a national treasure. The main castle tower is a typical architectural style for observation, you can see the entire city from the top floor. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the old castle town.

Ise Jingu – 伊勢神宮

The representative of shrines in Japan.

Amaterasu Oomi-kami who is the ancestor god of the Japanese imperial family is worshipped. It is representative of shrines in Japan and the No.1 sacred place in Japan. It’s filled with silence and a sacred atmosphere.

Okage Yokocho – おかげ横丁

The tourist spot where the city at the end of the Edo period is reproduced.

Okage Yokocho is the small town next to Ise Jingu which imitated the old street. There are many souvenir shops and local food shops. It’s a good place to eat around.

Kinki Area

– 近畿 –

Himeji castle – 姫路城

You can enjoy the modern castles of the late Sengoku period, as the main structures, including the castle towers, turrets, stone walls and the castle’s moat, are still remained. The castle towers are wonderfully integrated with the large main castle and three smaller castle towers.

Todai-ji – 東大寺

The main hall enshrines the principal deity, the Daibutsu (Great Buddha), and the large elaborate wooden architecture has a dignified appearance. There are a lot of historical temples and museums within walking distance, ideal for sightseeing.

Kyoto – 京都

Kyoto is a world-famous tourist city as everyone knows. You can visit a lot of temples registered as world heritage sites. There are a lot of places where good to see, but also it tends to be crowded.

Shikoku Area

– 四国 –

Ogijima – 男木島

The famous WordCamp where literary participants stayed at night camping, was held on this island in 2018. Many people who get involved with WordPress are living here. Most of them are English speakers.
Come and visit this small island in the Seto Inland Sea.

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