Filter & Search PRO plugin for WordPress with Gutenberg Block Editor

Custom Field Search (beta) [Pro Only]

“Custom Field Search (beta)” block is is only available in the Pro version.

“Custom Field Search (beta) ” block is one of the inner blocks of the VK Filter Search Pro. It can only be in place and available in the inner part of the VK Filter Search Block Pro.

(Contents in preparation)

A custom field search block (beta version) has been added in VK Filter Search Pro 1.6.0.

Searches using custom fields should be used in consideration of the load on the server. Please read and understand the cautions.


  • Searching with custom fields is very server-intensive, so using this block is inherently deprecated.For example, if you have a custom field called “Price”, use this block to filter by the value of that field is deprecated.
    Instead, create a “price range” by custom taxonomy, register terms such as “$0 to $99”, “$100 to $499”, and “$500 to $999”, and search for them. Since the server load is lighter, please consider that method as much as possible.
  • This block is intended for use on small sites only. Although it depends on the server specifications and the number of custom fields, the expected number of posts for the entire site is about 3000 or less.
  • The response will vary greatly depending on the server specifications and the number of custom fields. Therefore, we cannot answer questions such as “How many posts is the guaranteed?”
  • Only single-byte alphanumerical characters, single-byte hyphens ( – ), and single-byte underscores ( _ ) can be used in custom field names. If it contains any other characters, it will be excluded from the dropdown list.

When you select the VK Custom Field Search Pro block, the above caution will first appear. Please make sure you understand and tick the box.

Starting with VK Filter Search Pro 1.9.0, the name of a custom field can be specified by selecting it from a drop-down.

The block is activated by setting the following three items.

  • Custom fields
  • Comparison operators
  • Label for this block

For ‘Custom Fields’, for example, if you have set up custom fields in ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), select the field name specified in ‘Name’ in ACF.

The comparison operator can be selected from equal to / greater than / less than / range.